Battle of the Slots Between NetEnt and Microgaming

By 23 January 2021

Microgaming hails as an industry veteran with an impressive collection of different titles under its belt. The firm has been around for over two decades and continues to dominate with latest releases. On the other hand, NetEnt is not much of a newcomer but seen as the new kid on the block at with a pack of impressive and quality slots under its title.

History of Microgaming

Microgaming holds the crown for the latest software developer to enter the online scene for online gambling. The firm was launched in 1994 at a time where online casinos were unheard of such as at . However, the firm managed to continue to build a platform that paved way for the modern day gambling. It took sometime before the firm made a mark in the industry.

The firm first launched its mobile casino software in 2004 which changed the tide in terms of growth for the firm. The firm started offering a full line of products ranging from casino, bingo, poker, sportsbook and live dealer. The software developer has carved a market niche with the use of blockbuster themes for their slot games to attract more players.

History of NetEnt

Despite being seen as a newbie in the industry, NetEnt has a long history that dates back to its launch in 1996. Four years later after its launch, the firm continued to dominate the growing online market with the launch if its first mobile casino software. In 2009, the growth of the firm was consisted and got listed under the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

NetEnt is a major supplier of top level and cutting edge casino products in the market. It offers a full range of slot games ranging from classic, traditional, 3D, 3 reel and progressive slots in the market. The firm recently made an acquisition of Red Tiger Gaming in an effort to boost their gaming appeal and market coverage for online players.

Battle of the Slots

Microgaming boasts of the highest collection of casino games with over 600 titles. NetEnt only boasts of over 200 casino games. However, it terms of quality and mass appeal, NetEnt takes home the crown with a series of innovative products making rounds in the industry. The casino games boast of high quality graphics, superb themes, amazing soundtrack and overall appeal for players.

Microgaming has heavily invested in proressive slots with over 40 different titles for the casino game. Microgaming has the largest network of progressive slots in the entire world with the highest payouts ever recorded. Most of the players are highly attracted to the daily jackpots and bonuses on offer. NetEnt comes second to the firm without much improvements into the game type.

Who Takes the Crown?

The only right answer to this question is there is no winner. Both firms are front runners in a new developing field while setting standards with each release. NetEnt is focused on quality and mass appeal with its casino games. It has a total focus on slot games. On the other hand, Microgaming has a complete focus on its fast growing network of progressive slots.